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Stallholders at the August Market

July 24, 2016

2016_stirchley_market_july_vegetropolis_salePhoto by Phil Banting

After a fabulous sixth birthday celebration, we’re back for more Market fun on Tuesday 2nd August from 4-8pm in our wonderful venue, Stirchley Baths.  Thank you to everyone who joined us last month to celebrate six wonderful years of the Markets – from those who have been with us over the years to those new to the Market, and particularly all our lovely stallholders over the years.

Anyway, onto the next six years, or at least next month.  We’ve got another great line up of stallholders for the August market…


  • Vegetropolis – deliciously delightful organic fruit and vegetables
  • The Happy Gut Hut – effervescent kombucha, known as the “Immortal Health Elixir”
  • Cafe Horchata – Bringing Mexican street food cuisine to the streets of Stirchley
  • The Vegan Grindhouse – 100% plant-based street food that will make you re-think vegan food for the better
  • How Brave is the Wren – a travelling children’s bookshop caravan
  • Pietanic – pie lovers up and down the country love their gourmet pies
  • Creamed Pops – artisanal ice creams, which are talk of the town
  • Eats and Leaves – beautiful plants for your garden and/or allotment


  • Working Clasp – handmade laser cut jewellery designed and made by a Stirchley resident
  • Olivar Caicunes – raw unfiltered olive oils from Picual olives
  • Straight From The Cow – eggs, milk and milkshakes from Carpenters Hill Farm, located 10 minutes south of Birmingham
  • Henna Gifts By Stacey – gifts and candles using fresh 100% natural henna, coloured henna and glitter henna
  • Sophie Colombé Silversmith – ethereal and graceful pieces from a local artist
  • Back In The Day – multi-period replica woodwork items
  • Haapi Things – handmade art dolls
  • Trankvila Holistics – Holistic therapy and products
  • Mrs Mills Makes Cakes – scrumptious cakes and treats
  • Cuffufle Preserves – chutneys, cordials and jams lovingly hand-crafted
  • Pip’s Hot Sauce – chilli sauces from the mild to positively devilish
  • Kneals Chocolates – handmade luxury chocolates
  • Loaf – Stirchley’s premier bakery, serving real bread
  • Drop and Swap – Drop off and swap your unwanted clean and good condition clothes and accessories…another person’s trash is someone else’s treasure!

As always, onsite vegetarian and vegan cafe ChangeKitchen will be open.

See you on Tuesday 2nd August from 4-8pm at Stirchley Baths – free entry, but remember to bring plenty of pennies for all the treats you’ll want to buy!

Photos from our sixth birthday market!

July 11, 2016

Just a quick one – here are some lovely photos taken by Market Steward and Photographer Phil Banting. Thanks Phil!

Our next market is 2nd August – First Tuesday of the Month as usual! 4-8pm at Stirchley Baths. 

Team SCM x

2016_stirchley_market_july_a_frame_front 2016_stirchley_market_july_aerial_full 2016_stirchley_market_july_aerial_side 2016_stirchley_market_july_birthday_cake_cut 2016_stirchley_market_july_cafe_horchata_flowers 2016_stirchley_market_july_cafe_horchata_skulls 2016_stirchley_market_july_creamed_pops 2016_stirchley_market_july_cuffufle_preserves 2016_stirchley_market_july_eats_leaves_vegetropolis 2016_stirchley_market_july_happy_gut_hut_alyn 2016_stirchley_market_july_kneals_chocolates 2016_stirchley_market_july_olivar_caicunes 2016_stirchley_market_july_outside_chimney 2016_stirchley_market_july_pacha_puro 2016_stirchley_market_july_susan_kruse 2016_stirchley_market_july_vegetropolis_sale

July market – updates!

June 27, 2016

We are delighted to announce that Creamed Pops are launching at July’s Stirchley Community Market – with their outdoor ice cream cart! (Fingers and toes crossed for good weather!)


Creamed make British, small-batch artisan ice cream on a stick, or as we like to call them, pops.

Natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives and fresh produce combine to create a delicious treat. Our pops are fast frozen, meaning our ice cream stays silky smooth, creamy and icicle-free. Some of our pops are then dipped in UK produced Pure Origin dark, milk or white chocolate and rolled in toppings such as salted crushed pistachio, freeze-dried strawberry, toasted almonds and nut brittle powder.

Based in Birmingham, Creamed use as many local producers as possible, and are always on the look-out for the best ingredients the West Midlands has to offer. You can find us at street food events, in local cafes and bars, as well as independent shops and delis across the city.

More info on their website at


For the full list of stallholders joining us, please read this blog post!

The next market marks our SIXTH birthday!!  We’ve commissioned Mrs Mills Makes Cakes to make us a birthday cake! Here’s the one she made us last year…


See you next week! Tuesday 5th July 4-8pm at Stirchley Baths.

Team SCM


Stallholders at the July Market

June 18, 2016
Photo courtesy of Phil Banting


We’re back in July to celebrate our sixth birthday with a fantastic line up of stallholders!  Be sure to check us out on Tuesday 5 July, 4pm-8pm at our wonderful venue, Stirchley Baths.


Cafe Horchata bringing the true flavours of Mexican cuisine to Stirchley; Eats and Leaves offering a variety of delights for your garden or allohndtment; The Happy Gut Hut with healthy and exotic tasting kombucha; How Brave is the Wren, a travelling children’s bookshop caravan; Pietanic purveying gourmet homemade pies; The Vegan Grindhouse with their delicious 100% plant-based Americana street food; Vegetropolis selling beautiful and fresh organic fruit and vegetables; and Creamed Pops with small batch artisan ice cream on sticks.


Back in the Day offering bespoke multi-period replica woodwork items; Bunny Street selling a range of handmade vintage-inspired home, lounge & kitchen textiles; Cuffufle Preserves with her delicious hand-crafted chutneys, cordials, jams and more; Henna Gifts by Stacey (new to the market!) selling lovely henna-inspired gifts and candles; Kneals Chocolates with their delectable handmade luxury chocolates; Loaf offering up real bread; Mrs Mills Makes Cakes with her scrumptious cakes and treats; Olivar Caicunes selling raw unfiltered olive oil; Pacha Puro offering natural handcrafted beauty and healthcare products; Photo Digital Art with their vibrant depictions of Birmingham and beyond; Pip’s Hot Sauce selling tasty but devilishly spicy chilli sauces; Susan Kruse with her playful handmade art dolls; Textile Designs by Sarah offering beautifully embroidered jewellery and crafts; There Goes (Coffee) serving up speciality coffee; Trankvila Holistics selling natural beauty products and holistic treatments; Working Clasp with her handmade laser cut eclectic jewellery; and Straight From The Cow with eggs, milk and milkshakes!

Drop & Swap will also be indoors.  Bring your unwanted clean and good condition clothes and accessories to swap for something new to you!

As always, onsite vegetarian and vegan cafe Change Kitchen will be open.

We look forward to seeing you there!


June Market – updates!

May 26, 2016

We have a couple of new stallholders joining us at the next market on 7th June – so we thought we would introduce them!

How Brave Is The Wren


How Brave Is The Wren is a travelling book shop. They stock beautifully-crafted illustrated stories and picture books created by illustrators and artists that appeal to the young and the young at heart.

Their bespoke caravan is fully stocked with a fantastical range of adventures ready to inspire young minds, with space for browsing, reading and even a spot of colouring in.



Pietanic is a pop up gourmet pie shop. They travel to food and drink fairs in Claude (a converted Citroen H van) serving up handmade recipes to pie lovers across the UK. Specialising in unique pies and sides, they only use the best ingredients from local suppliers and hand make all their pies from scratch.

Pietanic will be joining our little outdoor street food court at Stirchley Baths in June with our lovely regulars Café Horchata and The Vegan Grindhousenot forgetting Stirchley Baths’ on site vegan café is open inside – ChangeKitchen CIC.


We’ve been holding the market on the First Tuesday of every month since July 2010 – almost six years of Stirchley First Tuesday goodness.

P Café has joined in this tradition and holds Stirchley Speaks, a spoken word poetry event – and Stirchley’s newest venture, The Wildcat Tap will be opening especially on the first Tuesday of every month.

So now finally #StirchleyFirstTues is a thing. Hurrah!

For our full list of stallholders at the next market please see this blog post!

For other activities at our venue Stirchley Baths please visit their website. 


Stallholders at the June Market

May 16, 2016

Photo by Phil Banting

We’re back in June!

Tuesday 7th June 4-8pm at our new brilliant venue Stirchley Baths, both inside and outside – hopefully in the sunshine!

As usual, we’ll have a variety of hot food, fresh produce, arts and crafts galore.

STALLHOLDERS *drumroll please*:


Mrs Mills Makes Cakes with her unmissable cakes and treats, Deeply Felt with wonderful handmade crafts –  new to the market! Forget Me Not also with wonderful handmade crafts – new to the market!, Cuffufle Preserves with her tasty cordials, jams, mustards and more! Creative Stitches with some lovely handmade crafts and furnishings, There Goes (Coffee) with thirst quenching coffee tasters and coffee beans for sale, Pip’s Hot Sauce with her award-winning range of must-have hot sauces, Kneals Chocolates with his mouthwatering handcrafted chocolates, Working Clasp Stirchley-based lasercut artist with eclectic jewellery, Loaf Community Bakery with beautiful local loaves and B30 buns, Stirchley Wines with specially curated beers and ciders, and  Straight From The Cow have eggs and milk – from Redditch!

We also have the Drop & Swap indoors. Bring your unwanted *clean and good condition* clothes and accessories and swap for something new to you!


Eats and Leaves splendid plants for your garden/plot, Vegetropolis with picture-perfect organic fruit and vegetables (seriously), Isherwood & Co local florist with spectacular indoor plants and flowers, The Happy Gut Hut with life-changing kombucha, Cafe Horchata bringing the sunniest parts of Mexico to Stirchley in the form of tacos (and back once again with a working van!), Vegan Grindhouse with hotdogs and burgers you will swear aren’t vegan *but they really are*, Pietanic new to the market with their handmade gourmet pie shop, and How Brave is the Wren a travelling childrens’ bookshop caravan!

Stirchley Baths will have information about activities at the centre – there will be a number of Adult Education tutors who will be promoting the summer and September activities being offered at the Baths – these include learning the ukulele and jewellery making. Moseley has Moselele – we wonder if they’ll soon be a Stirchelele!? Find out on the 7th!

On site vegetarian and vegan café Change Kitchen CIC will be open too.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Stallholders at the May Market

April 8, 2016


Hello!  Our stallholders line up for the May market has been confirmed below.  See you on Tuesday 3rd May 4-8pm, at the Stirchley Baths!

We recommend eating/drinking: 
Vegetropolis (organic veg), The Happy Gut Hut (kombucha), Stirchley Wines and Spirits, There Goes (formerly known as Early Birds Coffee), Olivar Caicunes (*new to the market* olive oil), PachaPuro (soaps), Pip’s Hot SauceKneals Chocolates and Loaf Community Bakery.

Hot dinner! Cafe Horchata, Vegan Grindhouse and on-site café, Change Kitchen.

Things we wouldn’t recommend eating but we *do* recommend:
Isherwood & Co (cut flowers and house plants), Eats and Leaves (garden/allotment plants), Working Clasp Jewellery (lasercut jewellery), Susan Kruse (*new to the market* hand crafted dolls), Photo Digital Art, Textile Designs by Sarah, Bunny Street (textiles), Creative Stitches and Trankvila Holistics.

And returning to May’s market is the Drop and Swap, bring your old unwanted (clean and wearable!) clothes to swap for something new to you.

Stirchley Baths will also have a stall where you can find out more about what’s going on at the centre.


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