Stirchley Thought Exchange … In A Gazebo!

Stirchley Thought Exchange

Stirchley Thought Exchange will be making its second public appearance at the next Stirchley Community Market on Tuesday 24th August 4 – 8pm, after its first event outside the local Coop back in June 2010.

The Thought Exchange is a community environmental art project, run by local artist Roxie Collins. The project creatively gathers people’s opinions on Stirchley, and through reflecting on surrounding landscapes and regeneration, attempts to bring people, plants and places closer together.

The following activities will be taking place at the market:

People, Plants and Places
Add you name and favourite plant (and why) to a Stirchley seedling and pop it on the Birmingham map – so we can trace people’s favourites, and where you’ve all come from…

Say It With Flowers
You will be invited to contribute to the garden of thoughts… in exchange for your thoughts about the local area, you will be rewarded with a plant that has been rescued from a derelict part of Stirchley (and its story) or an insect house made from Stirchley plant stems/other locally sourced materials, both for your garden.

Plant Quiz
Take a quiz sheet and try your hand at identifying parts of Stirchley by its plant life… there might be a prize in it! So be sure to enter…

Previous participant’s views on life in our area will be exhibited, as well as a mini wild-flower box garden.

In addition there will be commemorative badges available to mark the Thought Exchange’s presence at the market.

For more information on the Stirchley Thought Exchange please visit

Hope to see you there tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good weather!