Feedback from the October Market

As the evenings are drawing in, last month’s market saw us move the majority of our stalls inside. We welcomed some new stall holders and musical accompaniment was provided by  Newton Chambers, who has also written a Stirchley Community Market CD single which you can buy at the market, with all proceeds going towards buying a new gazebo for the spring! We were pleased to see lots of new faces as well as some familiar ones in the crowd. Thanks to all of you who come down and help make such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We placed some feedback forms around the club, and we thought we’d share everyones thoughts with you. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment on the end of this post, or send us an email.

• Very good – better in the club

• Very good – nice to see so many people having fun

• It is fantastic!

• Best thing to happen to Stirchley for years

• It’s totally amazing

• It’s cool

• The market is awesome

• I like the flags they are rockin’

• Like the music in the background. Very lively

• 1st visit – we’ll be back!

• It is where I live!!

• Brilliant – I have visited since it first opened and will continue to come – I buy something on every visit

• Ban the alcohol, not appropriate with children – separate room for children or boozers!

• (re: Ban the alcohol, not appropriate with children) – Don’t agree, better they see civilised drinking now than over do it when they grow up.

• (re: Don’t agree, better they see civilised drinking now than over do it when they grow up.) I agree! Responsible drinking.

• (Re: I agree! Responsible drinking.) I second this!

• Fab!

• Gr8!

• I think it is delightful. Cosy, warm and very inviting :o)

• Face painting and crèche facilities for children

• Alternative health stall – cheap samples of treatments

• Few more tables with cheese, pies, bread etc

• Would like it to be a bit bigger. A good idea though, I enjoyed it.

• Cheese stall. B.O.G.O.F offers

• (re: Cheese stall) – Yes please! Cheese Stall!

• Clothes stall? Recyclable? Bag stall? Refreshments at a reasonable cost. More crafts and more plants.