Newton Chambers Releases Stirchley Community Market Song

Dear Market follower,

There is exciting news this week as local recording artist, Newton Chambers, releases a song all about Stirchley Community Market! On its own, this action would be remarkable enough, but there is extra-specialness attached as the tune is being sold in order to raise money for a new gazebo. Those of you that visit the Market regularly will know that we already make use of 12 gazebos each time, but 8 of those are borrowed from the Council, and in order to make our event truly sustainable we would very much like to purchase our own equipment, hence the fundraising drive. The song really is very good, and by buying a copy you will not only be aiding the long term future of the Market but also securing a scintillating aural experience!

The ditty is available for download from itunes and amazon, with hard copies (CD format) to be found at the Market.You can read more at the blog of Newton Chambers: NC Blog.

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Lovely gazebos and lovely things.