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Photos from our sixth birthday market!

July 11, 2016

Just a quick one – here are some lovely photos taken by Market Steward and Photographer Phil Banting. Thanks Phil!

Our next market is 2nd August – First Tuesday of the Month as usual! 4-8pm at Stirchley Baths. 

Team SCM x

2016_stirchley_market_july_a_frame_front 2016_stirchley_market_july_aerial_full 2016_stirchley_market_july_aerial_side 2016_stirchley_market_july_birthday_cake_cut 2016_stirchley_market_july_cafe_horchata_flowers 2016_stirchley_market_july_cafe_horchata_skulls 2016_stirchley_market_july_creamed_pops 2016_stirchley_market_july_cuffufle_preserves 2016_stirchley_market_july_eats_leaves_vegetropolis 2016_stirchley_market_july_happy_gut_hut_alyn 2016_stirchley_market_july_kneals_chocolates 2016_stirchley_market_july_olivar_caicunes 2016_stirchley_market_july_outside_chimney 2016_stirchley_market_july_pacha_puro 2016_stirchley_market_july_susan_kruse 2016_stirchley_market_july_vegetropolis_sale

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