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Happy Birthday + July’s Market Stallholders

June 20, 2017

The next Stirchley Community Market is with us on Tuesday 4th July. 

Which is also…

Stirchley Community Market’s 7th Birthday!!

Can you believe it! We are so excited to be celebrating all these years we have spent in Stirchley and to look back at how we have grown and grown and grown! Join us for some cake and some sunshine at Stirchley Baths for another month of art, crafts and food.

Started in 2010 – Stirchley Community Market began as a partnership between Loaf Community Bakery, Stirchley Happenings, Birmingham Food Co-Op and Birmingham City Council’s Town Centre Partnership

Seeing as it is VERY warm right now, let’s hope that it lasts just a little longer and July the 4th is a warm and sunny summer’s day!

There are so many old favourites and fantastic recent traders coming back for our birthday – and some really exciting new stalls too. A page on July’s new(ish) stall holders can be found HERE

Here we have the full list of stalls for July’s Stirchley Community Market: 

Outside in the courtyard:
Inside the main hall: 

As well as Change Kitchen, (Stirchley Baths on site café)



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