S106 Funding Opportunity – Deadline 10th Nov 2019
  • There is a pot of £127K available to be spent on public realm improvements to Stirchley High Street. This money is known as the ‘Hazelwell Street Sum’ and has come from the Tesco-development-that-never-was and must be spent by 2023.
  • If you have an idea for how this money could be spent you can submit a proposal to the council using the attached application form.
  • Proposals must be emailed to Cllr Mary Locke by 10th November 2019: Mary will then forward all proposals to the council for consideration.
  • Your proposals will carry more weight if you can show clearly that there is support from the community for your ideas. The outcomes of the StirchleyDreams consultation conducted by Laura Creaven will be available to support community ideas and proposals from early October. More information at
  • The criteria for spending the Hazelwell Street Sum are not clearly defined, but have been described as follows by a council officer:

The Sc 106 agreement at Paragraph 7.3 states that “The Council covenants with the Owner to apply the Hazelwell Street Sum towards environmental improvements in the vicinity of the Development Site.” The requirement and justification for the Hazelwell Street Sum was set out in the officer report to Planning Committee (for the Outline Scheme) in October 2013 in paragraphs 6.70 and 6.71. 

“6.70: The applicant has highlighted the contribution that the scheme itself entails through significant environmental improvements, in terms of a public square, landscaping and off-site highway improvements. However, Tesco have also acknowledged the Council’s need to ensure that the development is fully integrated with the rest of the primary shopping area and that the physical condition of the centre is improved to create the best possible conditions for capturing the spin-off trade that the foodstore, in particular, will generate. As such, Tesco have agreed to the Council’s request for payment of a financial contribution of £150,000*. 

6.71: It is envisaged that the environmental improvements will be in the form of works to enhance the streetscape within Stirchley town centre which may include such measures as improving lighting, provision of street furniture, improving shop fronts, landscaping and signage.” 

*After indexation, and a planned £50,000 contribution towards works at the Library, the available Sc106 funds are £127,615 

Any proposals for the Hazelwell Street Sum need to be in line with the requirements of the Sc106 agreement and the intent of the Planning Committee resolution in the approval of the officer recommendations, on the Outline Permission 2013/03997/PA (at 6.71 of the report (as quoted above)).

Please note that the council has not put any formal process in place for communities to access this money, and that the application process outlined above has come about as a result of grassroots community action, agreed in good faith with Cllr Mary Locke. If you have any queries about the criteria or whether S106 funding is appropriate to your idea, you are advised to check with senior planning officer John Richardson email:, phone: 0121 303 7954