The market is held inside the Main Hall at Stirchley Baths, Bournville Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2JT.

Photo by Phil Banting.
Photo by Phil Banting.


It’s really easy getting to Stirchley! There are nearly a million ways to arrive here, but here are our favourite five:

By train – Catch a LondonMidland Train to Bournville Station. Turn left on the platform, and turn right when you exit the station. Saunter down Bournville Lane towards Stirchley – and you are there!

By bike – Trundle on  your chopper along the Rea Valley Cycle route. Turn off on Hazelwell Lane, travel around the Gyratory and you’ll get to Stirchley Baths! You can chain your bike up around the back of the building to a fence.

By bus – For this method your favourite numbers should be 27, 45 or 47. Any of these will take you to the promised land.

By kayak – The canal is lovely in summer, easier to navigate than when it’s frozen in winter, and it runs right by Bournville Train Station.

By car – If you regularly brave the concrete car park of the Pershore Road then you’ll welcome the chance to leave your car at Stirchley Baths in their car park, or if that’s full, we would suggest to try the co-op. PLEASE please don’t block residents’ driveways though. Parking at Stirchley Baths is limited so we would suggest any of the transport methods above. 

See you on the first Tuesday of the month!